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Pros of Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Method

You can clean your home appliances and commercial or industrial machinery that are light or heavy in weight using many methods including dry ice blasting. The use of sand, water, sand, and soda are other traditional and high-pressure cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting uses modern technology. Dry ice blasting experts charge varying prices hence determine their rates by contacting them directly on their sites and compare prices to find the one who charges fit your budget. These are the pros of dry ice blasting cleaning method.

Dry ice blasting saves time because it is faster and produces satisfactory results. When you use this cleaning approach, it allows you to minimize downtime, costs of labor and increase productivity. You will not have to disassemble, conceal and reassemble the machinery.

Regular dry ice blasting enable the machinery to last longer. The hard to reach parts of the machine are thoroughly cleaned. Your hand and a soft pad cannot reach the intricate parts of the machine hence residue will continue piling up in these parts gradually and eventually damage the machine.

Cleaning is continuous in dry ice blasting because dry ice blasting’s effect on mould temperature is minimal. Dry ice blasting is therefore suitable for daily use because it is reliable, especially if you use the machines daily nonstop. You do not have to stop the machine to clean it hence you achieve continuous production and cleaning in the plant.

Dry ice blasting is a dry process because the dry ice turns into carbon dioxide. The sublimation of dry ice into gas makes the process safe for electrical appliances because most of them get damage when water comes into contact with specific parts in them. Where moisture is not needed like in the food industry, and cleaning of delicate parts like the switchboard and particular parts of the electric appliances need dry ice blasting cleaning method.

There is no wastage when dry ice blasting is used. Pellets of dry ice disappear hence you will not spend a dime on disposal costs. The carbon dioxide gas is recycled by being sold to manufacturers of ammonia and other production processes that need it.

Dry ice blasting non-abrasive hence it will not damage the delicate parts of the machine. Abrasion is compulsory in other cleaning techniques like sand, grit, bead or glass hence the surface of the machine gets damaged. Dry ice blasting will maintain the beautiful appearance of your machine’s surface even after using this cleaning process regularly for a long time.

Dry ice blasting is eco-friendly. Carbon dioxide gas that is emitted by the sublimation process of dry ice pellets is recycled by plants through photosynthesis. Dry ice blasting does not emit any greenhouse gases because these gases are toxic. There is no usage of violent organic chemicals or ozone-depleting chemicals in this process.

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